Parma Violet Delicate Detangler


The unrivalled Hairshark technology has been applied to the traditional hair Detangler and enhanced the whole experience creating the Hairshark Delicate Detangler. The natural oil produced by the scalp is the best way possible to nourish and condition the hair without having to rely on manmade products.

The Delicate Detangler is made of natural bristles which typically take oil from the root and distributes it naturally and evenly down to the very tip.



-  Natural bristle

-  Highly polished white polymers

-  Comfortable hand strap

-  Curved shell body for grip

-  Anti-static technology



-  Zero snagging, hair sore proof

-  Grip security, no more dropping your brush

-  Can be used on wet or dry hair

-  Removes dead skin cells from scalp

-  Gentle detangling

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