The UK's most forward-thinking haircare brand.

Hairshark started in 2017 when founder Jo ferns was on a mission to revolutionise the way we achieve hair volume with one simple tool -  The Hairshark.

As a professional in the hair industry and with a career spanning over three decades, celebrity stylist Jo Ferns felt compelled to design a simple tool that would change how we style our hair forever.

“After many years of clients sitting in my chair, the question from almost all of my clients was “How can I achieve volume at home when doing my own hair?” - so one afternoon, whilst in the salon, Jo set about creating the very first prototype.

Jo explains that achieving volume was actually quite simple, however, bad press over the years put the particular technique of “Backcombing” in a bad light.

It was with this in mind Jo decided to dispel that myth by making a tool that was gentle on the hair, easy to use and more importantly created instant volume.

Jo says: “The most important factor when volumizing hair is to create density and support at the root. I’ve been a stylist through most of the decades and in my experience this is the only thing that will give quick long lasting volume.”

“We all love to use a good wet product for volume but very often use too much leaving hair limp and sticky, the opposite of what we are trying to achieve. This is why the Hairshark is the perfect hair tool. The three in one volumiser comprises of a long sectioning tip, natural bristles for teasing and shark fin style bristles for smoothing and styling.”

The patented technology has all been designed and developed by Jo,  and every bristle, angle, the polymers used and even the ergonomic weight distribution have been carefully designed and thought out.

Hairshark is now a family run business going from strength to strength. The company has grown considerably in such a short space of time. Hairshark now boasts a full team of savvy creatives that have all helped to develop & bring to the market a whole new range of products.

Team Hairshark now proudly present many hair tools that can now be incorporated into your everyday hair routine. Gentle, hurt free hair care is our ethos. Whether it’s styling, smoothing, detangling or blow drying - we’ve got you covered.

This is a new era for hair preservation and hair care so why not see for yourself why you should become a Hairsharker.