Top Tips For Keeping Thin Hair Styled All Day

The idea of having fine hair may seem like a good deal, it’s easier to dry, perhaps easier to put back into a chic ponytail or bun. However, in reality, those with fine hair may tell you that it’s near to impossible to maintain hairstyles throughout the day and to forget thinking about holding curls or natural-looking volume without having to go and fully restyle! If you have fine hair you are perhaps all too familiar with limp strands that stay way too close to your face. It’s not often that you get the opportunity to give your ‘do a do-over during intervals throughout the day (unless your stylist is on call), so Hairshark has collated some top tips for keeping your hair looking more than fine all day!

Start Simple

By using a lightweight volumizing shampoo and conditioner, you’re setting your hair up with a good foundation before even thinking about styling. It’s important to avoid shampoos/conditioners for dry hair which promise to hydrate and moisturise, for thinner hair this can just end up meaning more weight holding it back! To make sure your hair isn’t left dried out, opt for volumizing products which contain some volumizing ingredients too.

Branch Out

When we hear the words ‘hair’ and ‘mousse’ in the same sentence, our minds may go to the crispy mousse that was teased through our hair as children, or perhaps flashing back to the crunchy looking hair of an auntie. However, it’s time to listen up, fine-haired friends, and make room for mousse!

Formulas today are hydrating and work softly within the hair, and by combing a small amount through from root to ends, you can prep your hair perfectly for blow-drying meaning you can achieve the lift and volume you dream of!

Don’t Skip a Step

The majority of us would admit that it’s very tempting to skip blow-drying, especially when your hair dries straight and smooth! For thin hair, however, without your hairdryer, all your previous efforts will have been for nothing. Air drying your hair will mean that water-soaked strands will weigh down the root, leaving the hair flat as it dries. Our tried and tested technique is an old one and possibly the simplest of methods (sounds good right?) and doesn’t even require a brush! Simply flip your head upside down, this encourages the root to dry and set upwards rather than flat to the head. You may want to use your fingers to encourage more volume at the root, as opposed to using a brush.

Sleek Styling

Backcombing is your friend, don’t be shy! You can create subtle volume by following HAIRSHARK’s 3 steps. First, use the handle to section the hair around the crown, then gently backcomb these sections, and finally, use the fin-like teeth to smooth the top without disturbing the cushion of hair beneath. Finish the look by spraying with a good dry shampoo for a hold that lasts and that you can keep topping up easily throughout the day! Pro tip: keep a travel-sized dry shampoo in your bag for any flat hair quick fixes. Alternatively, if you’re going for an up-do, you can still add volume by teasing out sections of the hair to create texture and volume in the hair.

All types of hair can be tricky when it comes to styling, but be patient with your hair, treat it with the love it deserves and make it your crowning glory! Don’t be afraid to embrace new routines or try new styles girls, your hair is what you make it!

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