Creating Manageable Volume for Curly Hair

Curly hair is something many people desire and those without it often long for big, bouncy, healthy-looking curls. However, it does come with its daily struggles, for example, do not brush dry curly hair with a regular brush (if you have curly hair then you know!). Caring for those curls can be a bit of a handful and sometimes they need a lot of love as curly hair is a little more delicate than straight hair and commands a bit more attention. It’s sometimes assumed that curly hair has naturally amazing volume - perhaps even too much volume - but this is not always the case and it’s important to give that curly crown some love.

It’s really important to do right by your hair and protect it as best you can. So how can you create manageable volume for curly hair? Here are a few tips to help you on your journey to curly volumized greatness (remember - bigger is better!).

Do it but do it upside down

If a job’s worth doing, it’s worth doing right. Start by washing and rinsing upside down, as this is going to give you some volume straight from the root. Rather than telling your hair to fall down with the water and ending up flat as a consequence, you’re essentially tricking your hair into falling up! You can follow this up with applying your products upside down too. We’re not talking gravity-defying Marge Simpson style, but a nice in-between. Trying this simple technique can give your hair the headstart it needs before you’ve even started styling. It’s good to build a good foundation before trying to get to the end goal!

Don’t blow it low

When blowing, please always use a diffuser. If you’ve got curls then you’ll know that shooting hot air directly on to your head is going to only create a poodle look, and as great as this is, using a diffuser will help your curls look more volumized. Try and use your hairdryer on a low heat when doing this as heat can cause damage to the curl and create frizz. A good tip is to dry with your head to one side to help your curls dry away from the scalp, minimising these issues even further. It’s important when diffusing to make sure your roots are all dry, as damp roots are going to mean weighted roots and that means less volume!

Say no to frizz

Frizz can be a nightmare for curly hair, and a lack of natural oils in the hair strand can make it worse. Humidity doesn’t help either - am I right Monica Gellar?! We want volume, not frizz. To combat our frizzy nightmares we can use products to help restore oils and moisture to the hair Try to avoid washing every day, as this strips the hair of its natural oils and when styling curly hair with your Hairshark, you can use the shark-like fins to create a beautiful shine and leave it amazingly smooth, while not interfering with your hair’s volume. Once you’ve done styling though, please, hands off! Messing with your hair and touching it will only encourage frizz and make it worse.

Forget one size fits all

Everything in our lives is categorised; our body shape, skin type and our hair type. As with everything else, hair is unique and one size does not fit all. Curly hair ranges from waves to ringlets, from thin to really thick - hair is like your fingerprint or a snowflake, each person’s is individual to them, and it’s beautiful! It’s a common misconception that all curly hair is thick, as just like its counterpart straight hair, there is a very broad spectrum of curly hair types out there. Be careful when choosing your shampoo, conditioner and other products, as these play a big role in determining the health of your hair, and do your research before you invest. The versatility of our Hairshark backcombing brush can make your life a little easier at least, as the handle has a thin and narrow tapered point which makes sectioning your hair very simple. Sectioning curly hair whilst styling can help you to gain control when you part your hair, making it more manageable.

The trick to keeping curly hair happy is treating it with a bit of love - hydrating masks are friends, shampoo is a friend… Humidity and non-diffused hair drying are the enemies! Hopefully, these tips have given you curly tops some inspo. A final word to the curly girls: don’t be afraid of styling, you can keep the curls and create enviable volume - you can literally have your cake and eat it!

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