So Fetch! The 2000s hair styles that are back in fashion

Millennials rejoice! The 'embarrassing' styles of our childhood are back, and looking better than ever! You only need to open up TikTok to see the iconic styles of Lizzie Maguire literally everywhere ... and we are obsessed! While we aren't praying for all 2000s styles to make a comeback (tunics over jeans we're looking at you hun) the hairstyles are giving us life!

Incase you are wanting to jump on the trend we have made a breakdown of our favourites and how you can add a Y2K flair to your everyday style.

Baby Braids

If you were born before the year 2000 you will remember the trauma of using a braiding machine to get this style (we have the scars to prove it)! Don't worry though, the style may be back but the styler is back in the noughties where it belongs. These cute little face forming braids have been making their way around social media and are a great way to add a little more fun to your hair. If you don't want to advertise that you've spent WFH watching Mean Girls for the 100th time, you can always add small braids further back in your hair to add a little nod to your childhood (without your boss noticing).


Space Buns

This style has been slowly making its way back into the trending page for the past few years, but the Y2K trend has taken it to another level. This style is surprisingly easy and perfect if you have day 3/4 hair. Grab your Pro Styler and us the end to create a centre parting then style your hair into 2 evenly spaced ponytails. If your hair is slightly thinner, use your styler to add body to your ponytails before wrapping them around and secure with grips. If you want a more subtle look try space buns as a half up half down style.


High Pony

While the High Pony has continued be a go to style for many of us over the years, it is becoming more and more of a Y2K refresh with the addition of deep partings, scrunchies and flicked out ends. A super easy style to pull off and perfect for a quick date night look. Create a deep side part and leave that section that you want for the front out while you gather the rest of your hair into a ponytail, using the pro styler to smooth out your hair before securing with a bobble. Take the front section and smooth to frame the face before securing with grips. Grab your straighteners to flick out the ends of your ponytail and you are good to go.  


Butterfly clips

The infamous Butterfly clip was the ultimate disco accessory we were all in love with, and thanks to TikTok they are back and better than ever. While we don't think putting a full pack of neon butterfly clips in your hair Mary-Kate and Ashley style, will be an ideal look during an important meeting, but adding a couple of clips can add a sprinkle of fun to any look. Begin by parting your hair into whatever parting you prefer before sectioning off a piece of hair from either side with your pro styler end. Then with these pieces of hair twist and secure with as many butterfly clips as you wish.


High Pigtails

Made famous by Baby Spice herself, pigtails where the go to style in the noughties and can be the hardest style in this list to pull off without looking childish. However, with a little guidance from the Y2K trend this is the perfect style to be on trend this autumn. Having the pigtails closer together at the back of the head create more volume and not as intense as them being on either side. Adding texture to the pigtails also gives it a 2021 twist and a bit more of a relaxed effortless look if you want your hair off your face. 


We hope you are loving these trends as much as we are, and let us know if you have created any of these styles yourself. 

Love Hairshark X 

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